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Limited Liability Company in Czech Republic

If your business is connected with international operations in Europe, then your own company in the Czech Republic can act as a representative office of your business in Europe.

Czech is one of the most popular European jurisdictions in which registration of different types of companies is possible – Private limited liability company – S.R.O. (společnost s ručením omezeným) and Public Public Limited Company – Company A.S.  (akciová společnost)).

LLC registration conditions

The company will have the status of a resident company. The name of the company in the Czech Republic must be unique and end with s.r.o

The minimum number of Shareholders is one (natural or legal person).

The minimum number of Directors is also one (individual).

There are no residency requirements for shareholders and directors. The main requirement for foreign citizens is a duly certified certificate of non-prosecution (certificate of no criminal record).

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Register Limited Liability Company (S.R.O.) in Czech jurisdiction with our professional assistance. We are very experienced in registering a company in the Czech Republic. With us, your business in the Czech Republic is in safe hands!


The period of register LLC Company in Czech engagement approximately 4 weeks. It is consisting of Engagement planning company incorporation, corporate bank account approval, corporate internet banking approval, engagement completion.


When submitting documents to a commercial court, you must pay a fixed fee, which is 6 thousand Czech crowns. It is at this stage that you will definitely need a receipt from the bank on the contribution of capital, a notarial deed and all those documents that were provided to the notary when registering the company and a certificate of registration with the business administration.

  • notary fees;
  • the cost of publication in the Trade and Companies Register (Registre de commerce et des sociétés – RCS);
  • statutory auditor fees, if a statutory auditor is required;
  • a share capital contribution of at least 1 CZK ;
  • any costs related to the issuance of administrative permits.

Nominee Shareholders and Directors

For maximum security and confidentiality, we offer the services of nominee shareholders and directors. Nominees will formally appear in the main registration documents of the company, and appropriate nominee agreements will be concluded between the nominee shareholder / director and the beneficiary. If necessary, a special power of attorney may be issued to the beneficiary or his representative to perform certain actions.


You should provide the list of following documents:

  • Passport
  • Proof of address
  • Legal address approval
  • Name reservation application
  • Articles of Organization
  • The Czech Trade and Companies Register registration number

Consultation about company registration

The specialists of our law company have many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to register a company in Czech Republic quickly and easily. Our lawyers, accountants, and business consultants will help you with the process of registering a company in Czech Republic and with the further conduct of your business.


Companies in Czech Republic are required to maintain accounting records and prepare annual financial statements that include balance, report about incomes and material losses, explanation of reporting.


Income tax: 19% for legal entities, 15% for individuals. VAT: 15-21% (depending on the type of activity of the company).

Bank account

If you decide to open a company in Czech Republic, you have to create a Corporate Account. This type of account needs for the main business of the company, for internal expenses, payment for services, and providing net income for private entrepreneurs.

Other types of companies

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