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Taxes in Czech Republic

Taxation of residents and permanent establishments of foreign companies in the Czech Republic is carried out based on worldwide income. Non-residents’ income is taxed only at the source of origin in the Czech Republic.

Residents are business entities registered in the Czech Republic, as well as companies whose management is located in the Czech Republic. Permanent missions are considered to be enterprises with a permanent place of business in the territory of the country.

What are the taxes

There are direct taxes, indirect taxes, and fees in the Czech Republic jurisdiction. Each group has Its own rules and conditions.

Corporate income tax

Since 2010, the corporate tax has been set in the Czech Republic at 19%. The income of investment funds, investment companies, mutual funds, and pension funds is taxed at a minimum interest rate of 5%. Legal entities pay income tax under the mortgage system, and in the following year, they submit declarations, based on which the amount of income tax is determined. In the case of large investments, legal entities can use the simplified taxation system for 5 years. Subsequently, companies can use the right to reduce the tax base at the expense of project implementation costs in the amount of 100%.

Withholding tax

Dividends paid by a Czech company to a non-resident company are taxed in the Czech Republic at a rate of 15% if the recipient's country of residence has a DTT (Convention for the avoidance of double taxation) or TIEA (Tax Information Exchange Treaty) signed with the Czech Republic. If such agreements have not been concluded between the countries, a special tax rate on the payment of dividends comes into force, the amount of which is 35%. Typically, the rule concerns the payment of dividends to companies resident in offshore jurisdictions.

Personal income tax

According to official information, in 2020, the personal income tax (PIT) rate in the Czech Republic is 15%.

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If you have a company in Czech, it is mandatory to do accounting and complete all taxation rules according to Czech Republic laws. Our company provides consultations and highly qualified accounting solutions, on issues of legislation and taxation. We offer full accounting support in Czech. Please feel free to contact us and get quality accounting service in CR with us!

Tax system

The taxation system of the Czech Republic is similar to that of other European countries. The following taxes are levied in the Czech Republic: VAT, income tax, real estate tax, road tax, property tax, gift and inheritance tax, excise tax, real estate transfer tax, and tax on environmental protection.

Direct tax

Corporate income tax (corporate income tax), personal income tax, council tax levied by the government on behalf of the communes, property tax, a land tax levied by municipalities independently.

Indirect tax

VAT, excise taxes on fuel, tobacco, alcohol.


Annual registration tax, registration and stamp duties, import duties.

Business requirements

Legal entities are required to register with the tax office at the place of their legal address, private entrepreneurs – at the place of registration in the Czech Republic, within 15 days from the date of obtaining a permit to conduct business.

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