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Register a company in Czech Republic with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Doing business in Czech Republic

Czhech Republic is included in the top ranking of the richest countries in Europe. It is a highly developed industrial country with stable economic growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. Czhech Republic has tax incentives for investment activities. Moreover, Czhech is the country with the highest incomes.

Setup Company

Starting a business in Czhech as a foreign investor is quite easy given that the same rules apply to local and foreign entrepreneurs. The first step in starting a successful company in Czhech is choosing the right type of company. According to Czhech Commercial Law, there are several types of legal entities that can be registered here.

Business formation

Forming a company in Czhech is quite simple. However, each country has its own difficulties. Our lawyers will help you prepare the necessary package of documents and choose the type of company that suits your business, we will also advise you on taxes and we are going to support you at all stages of a company formation in Czhech Republic.

Business transfer

In modern companies, the transfer of power to a hired manager occurs in four main causes are as follows – business owners live abroad, the businessman is planning to start a completely new business, business is rebuilt the functional structure into a decentralized holding Usually, the business transfer should be a preferred tool to structure a deal. Our team of lawyers and economists will help you carry out a business transfer and advise you on all issues.

Business in Czech Republic

Czhech Republic is one of the most attractive countries for setting up a company. However, opening a company requires knowledge of the regulatory framework, the selection of shareholders, directors. An independent study of all the necessary documents, the search for a registered agent can take a significant amount of time. Our company provides a solution to register a company in Czhech Republic. We will assist in choosing the best type of company following your business and goals and consulting on what licenses are required for your business.

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