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Banking in Czech Republic

Czech is a country of economic stability, a high standard of living, and a great financial reputation. Moreover, every year the number of people who want to open a bank account in Czech is growing. Czech banks are among the most reliable in the world. They have long been popular for their high level of banking services and strict banking secrecy rules. A Czech bank account is an excellent tool for investment and for storing earned funds. Banks in Czech offer the opening of accounts of different types, customer support in different languages of the world. They also provide internet banking, card products, private banking.

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We will be glad to assist you find a reliable bank in the Czech jurisdiction exactly for your requirements and business goals. And also open a corporate bank account in the Czech Republic for a non-resident.

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Types of bank account

The Czech banking system is very developed. The interests of the client in the bank sector are above all, therefore, the non-disclosure of bank secrets is protected at the legislative level and clients can rely on the confidentiality of information. Czech is a perfect country conducting international business. 


A corporate account has a wide range of instruments, as well as a range of different types of lending. Provides trade and structured finance services for your business in Czech Republic, both for operating companies and for holding one. The corporate account offers the development of individual solutions in the field of corporate finance - the acquisition of assets, securities, and other operations.


A merchant account is a special type of trading account. The owner can accept payment cards VISA, Master Card, and others, as well as receive money from the bank accounts of clients. Merchant is a trading account. Also, keep in mind that the money from the merchant does not go to the current account immediately, but after a while: this is done to return the money to the client as soon as possible if he made a transfer by accident.


The escrow account is a special account for the secure settlement of payments between a buyer and a seller. The buyer deposits the money in an escrow account, and the seller can collect it when he fulfills the conditions previously prescribed in the contract. The Bank, as an independent intermediary, monitors the fulfillment of these conditions.


First of all, the applicant must provide a registration extract from the country of registration. At the same time, the bank must see the structure of a foreign company, all its owners, individuals, and governing bodies.

It makes no sense to submit documents with hidden founders for consideration. Further, from the extract, the date of registration of the company, the permitted types of activities in the country of registration, as well as the fact that the company is currently operating should follow.

The statement should be relatively fresh, usually no more than three months old.

The second document is an identity card of the head or managers of a foreign company, as well as a person authorized to sign an agreement on opening an account.

Sometimes the bank can also request the memorandum of association of the company.

Constituent documents are submitted to a Czech bank translated into Czech and duly certified and legalized, depending on the country of registration of the company.

Next, the bankers will ask the applicant to fill out a questionnaire, which in the completed form can be called the company profile. Some banks allow filling out this document not only in Czech but also in English. The presence of Czech counterparties, economic, economic activity in the Czech Republic, the presence of residents of the Czech Republic or Czech legal entities in the structure of the applicant company is encouraged. Everything must be confirmed by documents. Signs of using an account as transit are a quick and unconditional rejection.

Some banks, even before accepting the documents for assessment, will ask the director of the company to visit him personally to fill in some documents.

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